Bridging the Gap between Marketing and Sales Introducing Lead Integration Technology

Customer Relationship Management

Marketing Manager provides your sales team the latest technology to efficiently Plan and Coordinate sales activities to current and future clients with the most powerful CRM available to businesses.With just a click update your CRM with the latest lead information, no manual entry needed. With a customizable user interface, you will quickly access the customer data that is most important to you.

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Prospect View

Lead Identification & Prospect Management

Marketing Manager ‘s proprietary Lead Identification Technology tracks leads and prospects engagement across all websites and devices. Marketing Manager pushes “Lead Alerts” to your sales team mobile devices or desktop as they occur for immediate follow-up. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Leads and Prospect activity on your website(s) is provided via e-mail to your sales team for prioritizing calls and meetings to increase closing rates and sales.

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Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Marketing Manager evaluates your brand recognition online against any of your competitors with a simple click. Gain insight into how your brand scores in several key performance online and social media indicators. Receive weekly and monthly e-mail push notifications on your brand’s online relevance to your market.

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Marketing Manager drives sales growth at any scale.

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Business growth

See how our Lead Identification Technology benefits you.

Engage your sales team anytime, anywhere, on any-device.

Engage your sales team anytime, anywhere, on any-device

Provide for custom sales experiences based on the customer interests

Not being able to track ROI is a thing of the past

Reduce costs and save time with one comperhensive all-in-one solution

Engage your Sales Team anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Build business faster.

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Because of Marketing Manager we have compelling advantage in building the campaigns that feed our sellers high-quality leads so we can have the right conversation with the right customer at the right time.
Donna Lewis, Publisher, Jupiter Magazine

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